14 Most Trending Hollywood Blockbusters With Their Box Offices

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice poster
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Director: Zack Snyder
Lead Roles: Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Initial Theatrical Release: March 23rd, 2016 (Wide) (Egypt)
Keywords: Franchise Crossover, D.C. Comics, Vigilante,Non-Chronological, Dream Sequence, Prophetic Dreams
Classification: Based on Comic/Graphic Novel, Action, Live Action, Super Hero
Domestic BO:
International BO:


Fearing the actions of a god-like super hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’s most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with each other, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it has ever known before.


Ghostbusters poster
Director: Paul Feig
Lead Roles: Melissa McCarthy as Abby Yates, Kristen Wiigas Erin Gilbert, Leslie Jones as Patty Tolan, Kate McKinnonas Jillian Holtzmann, Chris Hemsworth as Kevin
Initial Theatrical Release: July 13th, 2016 (Wide) (Jamaica)
Keywords: New York City, Reboot, Hauntings, Paranormal Investigation, Entrepreneur, Genderbending Casting,Inventor, Gratuitous Cameos, Development Hell,Supernatural
Classification: Remake, Comedy, Live Action, Science Fiction
Domestic BO:
International BO:


A paranormal researcher, a physicist, a nuclear engineer and a subway worker try to rid New York of ghosts that can possess humans.


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Director: Tim Burton
Lead Roles: Eva Green as Miss Peregrine, Asa Butterfieldas Jake, Chris O’Dowd as Frank, Allison Janney as Dr. Golan, Rupert Everett as Ornithologist, Terence Stamp as Abe, Ella Purnell as Emma, Judi Dench as Miss Avocet,Samuel L. Jackson as Barron
Initial Theatrical Release: September 21st, 2016 (Wide), released as Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children(South Korea)
Keywords: Young Adult Book Adaptation, Boarding School,Orphanage, Mutants, Prophetic Dreams, Good vs. Evil
Classification: Based on Fiction Book/Short Story,Adventure, Animation/Live Action, Fantasy
Domestic BO:
International BO:


When Jake discovers clues to a mystery that spans alternate realities and times, he uncovers a secret refuge known as Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. As he learns about the residents and their unusual abilities, Jake realizes that safety is an illusion, and danger lurks in the form of powerful, hidden enemies. Jake must figure out who is real, who can be trusted, and who he really is.


The Girl on the Train
The Girl on the Train
Director: Tate Taylor
Lead Roles: Emily Blunt as Rachel
Initial Theatrical Release: October 5th, 2016 (Wide) (Philippines)
Keywords: Addiction, Relationships Gone Wrong, Missing Person, Depression, Infertility, Black Out Drunk, Gaslighting
Classification: Based on Fiction Book/Short Story,Thriller/Suspense, Live Action, Contemporary Fiction
Domestic BO:
International BO:


Rachel, who is devastated by her recent divorce, spends her daily commute fantasizing about the seemingly perfect couple who live in a house that her train passes every day, until one morning she sees something shocking happen there and becomes entangled in the mystery that unfolds.


Suicide Squad poster
Suicide Squad
Director: David Ayer
Lead Roles: Will Smith as Deadshot, Jared Leto as Joker,Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag,Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Jai Courtney as Boomerang,Jay Hernandez as Diablo, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc, Ike Barinholtz as Griggs, Scott Eastwood as Lieutenant GQ Edwards, Cara Delevingne as June Moone/Enchantress, Karen Fukuhara as Katana, Adam Beachas Slipknot
Initial Theatrical Release: August 2nd, 2016 (Wide) (South Korea)
Keywords: Ensemble, Villain’s Point of View, Mercenaries,D.C. Comics
Classification: Based on Comic/Graphic Novel, Action, Live Action, Super Hero
Domestic BO:
International BO:


It feels good to be bad… Assemble a team of the world’s most dangerous, incarcerated Super Villains, provide them with the most powerful arsenal at the government’s disposal, and send them off on a mission to defeat an enigmatic, insuperable entity. U.S. intelligence officer Amanda Waller has determined only a secretly convened group of disparate, despicable individuals with next to nothing to lose will do. However, once they realize they weren’t picked to succeed but chosen for their patent culpability when they inevitably fail, will the Suicide Squad resolve to die trying, or decide it’s every man for himself?


Now You See Me 2 poster
Now You See Me 2
Director: Jon M. Chu
Lead Roles: Jesse Eisenberg as J. Daniel Atlas, Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Rhodes, Woody Harrelson as Merritt McKinney/Chase McKinney, Dave Franco as Jack Wilder,Daniel Radcliffe as Walter Mabry, Lizzy Caplan as Lula, Jay Chou as Li, Michael Caine as Arthur Tressler, Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus Bradley
Initial Theatrical Release: May 27th, 2016 (Wide) (Australia)
Keywords: Stage Magician, Heist, Sequels Without Their Original Stars
Classification: Original Screenplay, Thriller/Suspense, Live Action, Contemporary Fiction
Domestic BO:
International BO:


One year after outwitting the FBI and winning the public’s adulation with their Robin Hood-style magic spectacles, the illusionists resurface for a comeback performance in hopes of exposing the unethical practices of a tech magnate. The man behind their vanishing act is none other than Walter Mabry, a tech prodigy who threatens the Horsemen into pulling off their most impossible heist yet. Their only hope is to perform one last unprecedented stunt to clear their names and reveal the mastermind behind it all.


Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens poster
Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens
Director: J.J. Abrams
Lead Roles: Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, Daisy Ridley as Rey,John Boyega as Finn
Initial Theatrical Release: December 16th, 2015 (Wide) (France)
Keywords: Space Opera, Good vs. Evil, Delayed Sequel,Intertitle, Robot, Sequels With Returning Stars,Dysfunctional Family, Gratuitous Cameos
Classification: Original Screenplay, Adventure,Animation/Live Action, Science Fiction
Domestic BO:
International BO:

The Magnificent Seven
The Magnificent Seven
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Lead Roles: Denzel Washington as Chisolm, Chris Pratt as Josh Faraday, Ethan Hawke as Goodnight Robicheaux,Vincent D’Onofrio as Jack Horne, Byung-hun Lee as Billy Rocks, Manuel Garcia Rulfo as Vasquez, Martin Sensmeieras Red Harvest
Initial Theatrical Release: September 12th, 2016 (Wide) (South Korea)
Keywords: Ensemble, Mercenaries, Death of a Spouse or Fiancée / Fiancé, Robber Baron, Remake, Foreign-Language Remake
Classification: Remake, Western, Live Action, Historical Fiction
Domestic BO:
International BO:


With the town of Rose Creek under the deadly control of industrialist Bartholomew Bogue, the desperate townspeople employ protection from seven outlaws, bounty hunters, gamblers and hired guns — Sam Chisolm, Josh Farraday, Goodnight Robicheaux, Jack Horne, Billy Rocks, Vasquez, and Red Harvest. As they prepare the town for the violent showdown that they know is coming, these seven mercenaries find themselves fighting for more than money.


Deepwater Horizon
Deepwater Horizon
Director: J.C. Chandor
Lead Roles: Mark Wahlberg as Mike Williams, Kurt Russellas Jimmy Harrell, John Malkovich as Vidrine, Gina Rodriguezas Andrea Fleytas, Dylan O’Brien as Caleb Holloway
Initial Theatrical Release: September 29th, 2016 (Wide) (Netherlands)
Keywords: Disaster, Environment, Corporate Malfeasance,2010s
Classification: Based on Real Life Events, Drama, Live Action, Dramatization
Domestic BO:
International BO:


Based on the true events that occurred on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010, the story chronicles the courage of those who worked on the Deepwater Horizon and the extreme moments of bravery and survival in the face of what would become one of the biggest man-made disasters in world history.


Finding Dory poster
Finding Dory
Director: Andrew Stanton
Lead Roles: Ellen DeGeneres as Dory
Initial Theatrical Release: June 16th, 2016 (Wide) (China)
Keywords: Delayed Sequel, Sequel With Lead Character Recast, Underwater, Animal Lead, Talking Animals, Faulty Memory, 3-D
Classification: Original Screenplay, Adventure, Digital Animation, Kids Fiction
Domestic BO:
International BO:


Reunites the friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish with her loved ones, and everyone learns a few things about the true meaning of family along the way.


Avatar poster
Director: James Cameron
Lead Roles: Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, Zoe Saldanaas Neytiri
Initial Theatrical Release: December 18th, 2009 (Wide) by 20th Century Fox
Keywords: 3-D, Invented Language, Visual Effects, Alien Invasion, IMAX: DMR, Humans as Aliens, Language Barrier,2010 Oscars Best Picture Nominee
Classification: Original Screenplay, Action, Animation/Live Action, Science Fiction
Domestic BO:
International BO:


Jake Sully is a wounded ex-marine, thrust into an effort to settle and exploit Pandora, an exotic moon rich in bio-diversity and inhabited by the Na’vi, a ten-foot-tall humanoid species. After Neytiri, a female Na’vi, rescues Jake after he becomes separated from his team, he learns more about the planet and eventually crosses over to lead the indigenous race in a battle for survival.


Star Trek Beyond poster
Star Trek Beyond
Director: Justin Lin
Lead Roles: John Cho as Hikaru Sulu, Simon Pegg as Scotty, Chris Pine as James T. Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Commander Spock, Zoe Saldana as Lieutenant Uhura, Karl Urban as Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Idris Elba as Krall, Sofia Boutella as Jaylah
Initial Theatrical Release: July 21st, 2016 (Wide) (United Kingdom)
Keywords: Posthumous Release, Screenplay Written By the Star, Marooned
Classification: Based on TV, Adventure, Live Action,Science Fiction
Domestic BO:
International BO:


The Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a mysterious new enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test.


Deadpool poster
Director: Tim Miller
Lead Roles: Ryan Reynolds as Wade/Deadpool
Initial Theatrical Release: February 9th, 2016 (Wide) (Taiwan)
Keywords: Terminal Illness, Cancer, Special Ops,Romance, Medical Crimes, Human Experimentation,Revenge, Gratuitous Cameos, Development Hell, Marvel Comics
Classification: Based on Comic/Graphic Novel, Action, Live Action, Super Hero
Domestic BO:
International BO:


The origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.


Director: Clint Eastwood
Lead Roles: Tom Hanks as Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger
Initial Theatrical Release: September 9th, 2016 (Wide) byWarner Bros.
Keywords: In a Plane, Disaster, Autobiographical, 2000s,New York City
Classification: Based on Factual Book/Article, Drama, Live Action, Dramatization
Domestic BO:
International BO:


On January 15, 2009, the world witnessed the “Miracle on the Hudson” when Captain “Sully” Sullenberger glided his disabled plane onto the frigid waters of the Hudson River, saving the lives of all 155 aboard. However, even as Sully was being heralded by the public and the media for his unprecedented feat of aviation skill, an investigation was unfolding that threatened to destroy his reputation and his career.


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