16 Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles That Will Make You Chuckle

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Every picture tells a story, but some photos can be combined to tell many. Photoshop is no stranger to being used for comedic effect, and a league of photo manipulators regularly hone their skills by competing for the glory of entertaining the Internet.

Popular subreddit, PhotoshopBattles, begins with an unedited image as a prompt and then has a number of Photoshoppers embrace their wildest imaginations to come up with the most uproarious edit possible.

Here are 16 of the greatest photoshop battle entries alongside their most hilarious edits.

1. The original picture of a cat appearing identical to a pillow of itself is worthy of a laugh alone. However, Reddit user Jackie_McMackie took things to the next level by transforming it into a cover of the popular young adult books Animorphs, which anyone who grew up in the 90s will recall.

1Reddit /u/ Jackie_McMackie

2. Leonardo DiCaprio may have found a way to hide from the paparazzi, but he wasn’t able to hide from a solid Photoshop battle. User i123nk8 saw the perfect opportunity to revamp the poster to the DiCaprio-starring Steven Spielberg film Catch Me If You Can.

2Reddit /u/ i124nk8

3. This photo of a cat lazily sliding off of a couch offered unlimited creative potential. One Reddit user, RexLeou, saw an opportunity to pay homage to Samara from The Ring, who brought the idea of 3D VHS to the next level.

3Reddit /u/ RexLeou

4. This dog-friendly gate allows curious canines to get a glimpse to the other side, but it also allowed for some incredible photoshop potential. SkulkiBones turned these gawking dogs into gun-wielding bank robbers and won over the competition.

4Reddit /u/ SkulkiBones

5. With a sloth this happy to be rescued, the possibilities for scenarios are almost endless. However, 2Thebreezes managed to conjure up the most upvotes with this “breathtaking performance” edit.

5Reddit /u/ 2Thebreezes

6. A snap of President Donald Trump attempting to close his pen ended up being the perfect playing ground for Photoshop hilarity. Swap out the pen for two toy dinosaurs and you’ve got yourself a Photoshop battle winner.

6Reddit /u/ Summerie

7. What could a group of squirrel monkeys possibly be doing with a capybara? Eapolis saw the opportunity to transform these monkeys into a pit crew prepping their large rodent for a big race.

6Reddit /u/ Eapolis

8. Reddit user, DeathSludge, decided to turn this entry of the road’s judgiest alpaca into television’s judgiest courtroom adjudicator Judge Judy.

8Reddit /u/ DeathSludge

13. This rock overlooking the vast scenic land will strike an all too familiar chord with any Disney fan, which is why one Reddit user knew they had to make the vision a reality.

Reddit /u/ artunitinc

14. Not every Photoshop overhaul has to transform the scene completely, sometimes it’s the simple and subtle additions that churn out the winners.

Reddit /u/ Johnebones

15. Many might have seen this squirrel as doing a sort of superhero pose, but user FlamingoShame saw the opportunity to transform this rodent into a new king of the Octagon.

15Reddit /u/ FlamingoShame

16. Leave it to Reddit user DrWankalot to turn something as innocuous as a little girl eating cotton candy into something much more criminal.

photoshop battle
Reddit /u/ DrWankalot

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