2 Teenagers Who Escaped Abduction Reveals Their Ordeal

2 Teenage Girls have revealed Their Experience of Attempted Abduction by a Gang of Men prowling the Streets

Two teenage girls have told of their terror after they were approached by a gang of men in a car who tried to abduct them from the streets in a spate of terrifying ordeals.

Megan Bellamy, 16, and Emily Lucas, 17, said they were both alone when the men “chased” after them in a car and have spoken to the Hull Daily Mail about their encounters.

Both said the men made rude gestures at them and opened a side door to try to entice them into the car.

The pair, who were left “scared” following the attack, said they believe they were targeted by the same silver car and group of men.

Megan said she was approached as she walked home from work (Photo: Hull Daily Mail)

Humberside Police are unable to confirm the incidents are connected and are treating the attacks separately.

Miss Bellamy was the first to be propositioned as she was walking to the bus station in Hull city centre.

She said: “The car came round the corner and pulled up in front of me. I tried to cross the road but they stopped and blocked me off. That’s when he wound down the window and shouted ‘come to my house.’

“I was just stood in the road and froze because I didn’t know what to do and he opened the door as if to get out but then another car came round the corner and I think that startled him.

“Then he started shouting ‘f*** off’ and drove away.”

The unnerving encounter, which happened on Friday, May 19 after 5pm, left Miss Bellamy shaken and she now constantly checks around her whenever she is walking on her own.

“It has changed the way I do things,” she said.

(Photo: Hull Daily Mail)

“When I walk about I can feel myself looking about and it has made me quite nervous.

“After it happened I went straight to my boyfriend’s house because my parents were away and I was crying my eyes out so I knew I had to contact the police.

“It’s disgusting what they did and they deserve to be locked up.

“Even if they didn’t have intentions of hurting someone they are still going around scaring innocent teenage girls.”

The second victim was 17-year-old Emily Lucas, who said a silver car started ‘chasing her’ down the busy carriageway on Monday evening about 6:30pm.

“I ignored them but when I looked at them they were doing hand movements to get in to the car,” she said.

“I ignored it but then they started blowing kisses and beeping the horn. Then they wound the window down and started saying ‘get in, get in.’

“I just carried on ignoring them and then they drove off.”

Megan said she had been left shaken by her ordeal (Photo: Hull Daily Mail)

As soon as she got home, Miss Lucas notified the police and told them the men, who she believes were between 30 and 40, were driving a silver car, possibly a Vauxhall.

It was just scary,” Miss Lucas said.

“I don’t know why they were doing it and what their intentions were. Why pick on young girls?

“There was all that stuff on the TV recently with Three Girls and they were around my age.”

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