20 Entertaining Facts About Japan

This country and its people never stop astounding us! Japanese fashion, food, culture, technologies, cosplay craziness and much more, it’s a land of entertainment with a rich history and interesting traditions. It seems you never know enough about Japan, it always comes up with something brilliant new! But it does not mean our cool facts about this nation will be of no interest to you.
1. Eating loud is not rude in Japan, quite on the contrary!

When you slurp your food it means you’re enjoying how it tastes.


2. Japan is one of best educated nations in the world.

The country has one of the highest literacy levels, 99% of Japanese children aged 15+ are literate.


3. Japan is not the best place for buying melons.

The Japanese buy them mostly for decoration at cost that may reach $400!


4.Those who had their heads shaved, showed their penance for losing honour and breaking rules.

Losing hair for samurai was the biggest shame.

Hong Kong China

5. The first geishas were men.

They appeared in Kyoto in the seventeenth century for people’s entertainment.


6. The Japanese do too many dog inbreeding experiments, so dogs in Japan have defects much more often than elsewhere.

A lot of dogs are born in Japan with brain defects or frail bones.


7. Some Japanese vending machines dispense beer.

They are not concerned too much, as many minors in Japan do not drive cars.


8. “Karaoke” is a Japanese term that means “empty orchestra”.

The world karaoke market is estimated today at around 1 billion dollars.


9. It is quite normal for a Japanese family to bathe in the same water.

The first one to take a bath is the oldest one in a family, the last ones are kids.


10. Many streets in Japan have no names.

Exceptions are Kyoto and some cities of Hokkaido.


11. Japanese couples in 98% cases prefer to adopt male adults.

This practice has been applied in Japan since the 13th century to support social and economic mobility of the nation.


12. The number of pets in Japan is higher than the number of children.

Young Japanese people more and more often choose not to have children. The nation is getting older, the number of youngsters is decreasing.


13. Adult diapers are more popular in Japan than diapers for babies.

The reason is the same, there are too many old people in the country.


14. It is prohibited in Japan to dance late at night.

For late night dancing you need to obtain a special permit.


15. Japan has a highway going through the building.

The Gate Tower Building is located in Osaka.


16. They spend more paper for comics than for making toilet paper.

It is not a joke, manga is ready by EVERYONE in Japan!


17. Japan has one of the lowest rates of immigrants in the country.

98% of its population are Japanese.


18. Many Japanese go to celebrate X-mas to KFC!

Since December 1974 they have been treating fried chicken as a Christmas food! Here’s what we call a successful marketing campaign!


19. Japanese snowmen consist of two snowballs only.

Their snowmen resemble traditional daruki dolls, and don’t need three snowballs to be made.

"Love from Snowman" - Make a snowman for someone special for Valentine's Day

20. They never eat while walking.

Eating and walking at the same time is believed to be rude. It is not also recommended to chew someone in the Japanese subway.


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