20-Year-Old British Man Becomes First in Britain to Announce He’s Pregnant

A 20-year-old transgender named Hayden Cross has become the first man in Britain to announce that he’s pregnant.

Cross, who was born as a girl, put his transition on hold in order to have a baby but has been living as a man for three years.

Cross is legally male and has begun hormone treatment. After finding a sperm donor on Facebook, the dad-to-be is reportedly four months pregnant. Once he gives birth, his breasts and ovaries will be removed to finalize his transition.

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Speaking to The Sun UK, Cross said he’s looking forward to becoming a father but the physical changes haven’t been easy.

‘I was happy but I also knew it would be backtracking on my transition. It is a very female thing to carry a baby and it goes against everything I feel in my body. I wanted the kid now so that I can have the transition before I get old.’

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