3 Siblings From Nigeria Graduate As Medical Doctors From American University on the Same Day!

Seni Ajibade, Tola Ajibade and Femi Ajibade, all alumni of Olashore International School, Osun state, Nigeria have carried the torch of excellence to become the latest graduates of medicine at Mercer University, Georgia, USA.

Seni and Femi are twins, and Tola is their younger sister. The three of them distinguished themselves as outstanding students over the years starting from their days as secondary school students at Olashore International School here in Nigeria.


Seni Ajibade, Tola Ajibade and Femi Ajibade posing with their picture as kids after their graduation.

Known for its high standard of excellence, students and alumni of the Osun-State situated school keep blazing trails everywhere they go.

The trio had their graduation ceremony on the 5 of May at Mercer University, the oldest private university in the American state of Georgia

We celebrate the Ajibades for this outstanding achievement.

Source: HowAfrica

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