5 Problems Only Tall People Have

There are some problems only tall people deal with that average height people will be completely oblivious to. For example, if your height is average, the act of sleeping in your bed is a delightful and comfortable en-devour. But for someone who is 6’8″, sleeping on a bed presents a whole set of challenges (like feet-hanging-out-of-the-bed type of challenges). Beds are not the only issues though, how about driving? Not as easy compared to average height people. And let’s not even talk about taking a bath! So for all of its virtues and desirability, being tall comes with a set of grievances that few people are aware of and even fewer have to deal with (you lucky people you). These are 25 annoying problems only tall people have.

You often get your head cut off in photos.

Tall people problems

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Getting and giving a good hug can be challenging

Tall people problems

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Low ceilings are a constant struggle

Tall people problems

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People keep asking you to reach for things

Tall people problems

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The small talk is always the same.

Tall people problems

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