Inventions That Will Definitely Shape Our Future

The future is an interesting place. With technology and science growing at such a fast rate, there is no saying what the future can hold, but we may have a few ideas based on these inventions of tomorrow that are being fine-tuned at present. It is safe to think that the world we reside in will not be the same 10 years from now. Will people have an actual hoverboard? Will people have earpieces that let them to understand dogs and cats? It is difficult to say, but looking at these ten amazing scientific breakthroughs and inventions below is likely to give us a fair idea of what may be added to the world in the coming future.

Fire Extinguisher

Recently, two George Mason University students created an extinguisher that used sound waves to douse fires. While this invention is great for small fires at present, it is a big step towards creating something far more powerful than what is usually used at present to stop a fire from spreading.

Sensory Limbs

Recently, Case Western Reserve University has unveiled a prototype limb that enables amputees to sense, feel and touch texture on an object. It is a huge step towards developing fully developed sensory limbs in the future that will help an amputee in regaining the quality of his or her life.

Head Transplantation

An Italian doctor Sergio Canavero has been experimenting with transplantation of head for many years and plans to carry out the first human head transplant procedure within the coming few years.

Solar Panels

Researchers have come up with a brilliant concept of constructing solar panels into surfaces of roads. The solar panels will be wired into power-lines at the roadside and will produce sufficient renewable energy to fulfill the demands of entire countries.

Google Smart Contact Lens

Google Smart Contact Lens is at present targeted towards people with diabetes. Tiny technology within the contact lens monitors the glucose levels of users, and will alert them instantly if their levels of glucose get too low or high. Advances with this technology will probably result in these smart contact lenses being able to monitor all type of health conditions, alerting people to problems with their bodies that would otherwise have stayed undetected for far longer, if it was not for this amazing invention.




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