Based on the true life story of the greatest woman of the 19th century

Are you a parent? Do you desire greatness for your children? Have you ever heard the life story of the disabled woman who was blind and deaf? Indeed! Blind and deaf from age 2, she moved on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude at age 24in 1904.

She wrote 12 books, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, one of the United States’ two highest civilian honors and she met with over 12 presidents of the united states from 1893 – 1963.

Her name was Helen Keller. Discover the shocking secret of the overwhelming and inspiring success of this blind deaf woman and see how you can apply it to help your own kids…

Helen Keller’s story is one of phenomenal success especially for a woman with such incredible challenges as hers. Despite her disabilities she learned to read, interpret speech through her fingers and even wrote many critically acclaimed books. Interestingly, whenever Helen Keller’s story is told there is another name that is always mentioned – Anne Sullivan

Anne Sullivan was not her mother, not her sister or aunty or school teacher. Anne Sullivan was actually Helen Keller’s personal tutor. Due to her disabilities, Helen Keller was unable to learn as a child and at age 7 she had become unruly and violent so much so that relatives suggested that she should be institutionalized (kept in a facility). Helen Keller’s tutor was perhaps the single most influential person in her life, her constant companion and after a long life of phenomenal success at her death Helen Keller was buried beside Anne Sullivan.

Helen Keller’s meeting with Annie Sullivan set her on a path to greatness. Getting a personal tutor, who can motivate, encourage and simulate your child can be one of the smartest and greatest decisions you as a parent might make. Even as an adult, a tutor can serve as a life coach/ instructor constantly encouraging you to meet your set goals. Whether you need that tutor to:

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Prepare your child for an exam

Revise course work with the child

Teach your child to master an important skill like reading, writing, learning a different language or playing a musical instrument

A one-on-one tutor helps your child learn at his /her own pace, listens to the child, monitors his progress and helps the child understand difficult topics and unlike a class teacher, a personal tutor can tailor the child’s learning according to the child’s strength and weaknesses and help your phenomenal results and achievement.

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