Best Way to Store Lemons

With their ability to perk up dishes and drinks, lemons are great to have on hand, but proper storage is key to getting them to give up their juice. To get every last drop out of your lemons, try this simple trick.


Lemons may seem like a resilient countertop fruit, but secretly they like it cold. They also need protection from the air, which sucks their pucker.

To keep lemons in their prime for up to a month, pack them in a PYREX® PRO 3-QT OVAL STORAGE DISH W/ TURQUOISE VENTED LID and store them in the refrigerator. The cold conditions and airtight seal create a perfect environment to preserve lemons until you need them.

Many websites recommend submerging lemons in water while storing. Airtight dry storage in PYREX® PRO 3-QT OVAL STORAGE DISH W/ TURQUOISE VENTED LID works, as well, as long as you keep them in the fridge. For ultimate freshness and a double layer of protection, add water to the container before storing in the fridge.


To get the most life—and juice—out of lemons, you also need to start with prime pieces of fruit. Look for fruit that has bright, firm skin. The juiciest lemons will have a good weight to them and should give when gently squeezed. Lemons that are firm are past their prime or have been stored improperly.


Now that you’ve got fresh lemons aplenty, use them abundantly when you cook! Cool off with aLemon-Berry Arnold Palmer or serve this zesty Apple-Walnut-Cherry Kale Salad. This marinatedWhite Bean Harvest Salad is full of fresh lemony flavor, and our Baked Tomato-Zucchini Blossomsmake a beautiful side for dinner.

By selecting lemons at their peak and storing them properly, you’ll always have lemons on hand when you need to add a kiss of citrus to a dish.


  • SMART STORAGE. For more storage tips to get the most out of your food, check out Food Storage Guidelines.
  • JUICY TIPS. To release the maximum amount of juice from your fruit, bring cold lemons to room temperature and roll on the countertop with the palm of your hand before juicing.
  • LEFTOVER LEMON. Once lemons have been juiced, the rinds (cut into smaller pieces) can be tossed into high-powered garbage disposals to freshen and deodorize your sink.



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