Brazilian President, Michel Temer Faces New Corruption Charges

Brazilian President Michel Temer has been charged with obstruction of justice and racketeering, according to a statement posted on the prosecutor general’s office website.

It is the second set of criminal charges filed against Temer on Thursday based on the plea-bargain testimony of the owners of the world’s largest meatpacker, JBS SA.

They accused Temer of taking bribes in return for political favours and of conspiring to buy the silence of a witness who could implicate the leader.

In a statement, Temer strongly rejected all allegations of wrongdoing.

Temer’s earlier corruption charge, that he took bribes from JBS officials, was blocked in August by Temer’s allies in the lower house of Congress, which has the power to decide whether a president should stand trial by the Supreme Court.

Despite the lower house’s move to block the charges, they remain valid and can be pursued by prosecutors once Temer leaves office. His term ends on January 1, 2019.

Rodrigo Janot, Brazil’s top public prosecutor, has also filed charges against Joesley Batista, the billionaire former chairman of JBS who implicated Temer.

Batista was arrested on Sunday for concealing other crimes in his plea bargain deal.

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