Britain’s Youngest EuroMillions Winner Jane Park Now Fighting For Her Life After Butt Lift Went Wrong

21-year-old Jane Park says a Brazilian bum lift op has left her fighting for her life. She was rushed to hospital yesterday with suspected sepsis after having the plastic surgery in Turkey.

The £1million winner had suffered a severe allergic reaction which made her face balloon days after the procedure. And after returning to the UK at the weekend, her condition worsened.

Jane Park has blown £50k on a ‘new image’
Jane Park in the clinic following her ‘bum lift’ op

Jane, who has spent more than £50,000 on plastic surgery since her windfall in 2013, aged 17, said: “I’m in absolute agony, I know the saying is pain is beauty, but this is horrific.”

According to UK Mirror, she posted Snapchat clips yesterday of herself in an ambulance and a hospital ward. One image appeared to show her attached to a drip. She said: “It started with a little pain in my leg, a fever and then pins and needles, however, the pain is now severe.

I called the doctor around 5.30pm on Monday and he told me to get straight to accident and emergency. As soon as they heard my conditions, they rushed me straight into a side room, they said the four-hour wait could have been deadly. .

Jane Park was a teenager when she won the cash (Photo: PA)

They’re almost certain it’s sepsis , I’m frightened and I’m emotionally drained. I have tried to put on a brave face, but I’m really scared.“If this is sepsis , I’m fighting for my life. All because I wanted a slightly perkier bum. I’m exhausted and extremely scared.”

She travelled to Turkey two weeks ago and pictures later emerged of her with a badly swollen face, believed to have been caused by a reaction to the general anaesthetic. Jane admits her dream of having a Kim Kardashian-style bottom has led to her illness.

She is being treated at St John’s Hospital – but insists she has no time for regrets. Friends say she will not stop going under the knife, fearing she has become addicted to cosmetic surgery.

Jane won £1million on EuroMillions with her first lotto ticket when she was just 17. Since then, she has splashed out on a range of cosmetic treatments, including a boob job, full set of dental veneers, liposuction, Botox, lip enhancements, cosmetic filler and now the bum lift.

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