Celebrities That Look More Beautiful With Make-Up On, No. 4 Will Shock You

1. Katy Perry











Katy Perry is a singer that everyone loves to see and read about everywhere. She has posted many non-make up selfies throughout the year, and was also a spokesperson for Proactive. She feels that hiding behind all the make up is something girls should not do. She has a clean face now, and is not afraid to smile for those unmake up pictures that everyone wants to post everywhere.

2. Katherine Heigl












Katherine Heigl is known for her funny parts in Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth and 27 Dresses. She is an actress that is full of life, lives on the edge and knows when to make you laugh. She is also one that is not afraid to show off her face without make up. The non-make up picture shows this because it is full on face and she is smiling away, not a care in the world.

3. Victoria Beckham










Victoria Beckham is a beauty in tabloids, online and even when she was a Spice Girl years ago. She has since went on to marry the soccer star David Beckham and the two have four children together. Since we know her from the magazine covers, it can come as a shock that the person on the left is actually the same as the one on the right. Her skin is flawed, she has discoloration and hey, she is human like us.

4. Ellen Degeneres
















Ellen Degeneres is one woman that we love to watch in the morning on her talk show. She does a lot of amazing things, but you probably have not seen her without her make up. This star went out without make up and they took pictures of her, and she definitely does look entirely different. Not only is her skin not smoothed out, but she looks tired and old. Poor Ellen.

5 Lisa Kudrow












Lisa Kudrow is known mostly for her part in Friends, but she also played roles in Easy A, Hotel for Dogs, P.S. I Love You and Wonderland. One big difference with Lisa is that she looks so much older without make up. With the make up, we cannot tell how old she really is because it gives her a glow and vibrance. She also does not seem to be too happy about the pictures being taken.

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