Celebrities Whose Sickness Got Hidden From The Media

Michael J fox

j fox

The Canadian Actor, author and producer, Michael J Fox who won Emmy and Golden globe from Family ties, a TV show, has been under Parkinson’s disease. Well, everybody knows it now as he revealed in 1998 but that was before 8 years when he started suffering. Since then, he is also involved in researching and advocating for Parkinson’s disease and has also won an honorary doctorate for his work. Now, that’s some real contribution to world, Fox!

Michael Douglas

michael douglas

The multi talented and widely appraised actor and Oscar winning producer of “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest”, Michael Douglas has a similar story as Kathy Bates. He had to fight cancer tumors in his jaw which was later discovered as tongue cancer and had to undergo multiple surgeries. Douglas shared that smoking and alcohol addiction was the major reason for his sickness. But the news was kept hidden from media until he was fully recovered.

Steve Jobs

steve job

The man who provided third meaning to Apple after Adam and Newton, the co-founder of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs was going through Pancreatic Cancer for nearly 20 years. It was unknown to anyone in public until when he shared about it toward the end of his life. He started looking very unwell and only then, people suspected something wrong was going on. He died at the age of 56 in October, 2011. The fascinating thing is his last words that were “OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.”

Robin Williams


Robbin Williams, the stand-up comedian credited with San Francisco’s comedy renaissance, committed suicide in 2014 that made everyone very stunned and people believed depression was the reason behind it. Until much later, his wife revealed that he was actually living with Parkinson’s disease and was getting worse every single day. He was also aware that he had only 3 more years to live but sadly he couldn’t take it any longer and decided to quit by himself.

Charlie Sheen

charlie sheen

The famous Casanova of Two and half Men “Charlie sheen” got to grab much sympathy and attention recently after he revealed he is living with HIV positive. The star of series of successful hits like Wall Street and The three Muskeeters, is also one of the highest paid actors on TV who got paid almost $1.8 million per episode. Sadly, the virus had caught him four years ago and the news got out in public much later in 2015.



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