The Cheapest Country You Can Travel To In 2016

Nowadays, budget traveling is a buzzword. It is getting to go to locations people want to go to without having to sacrifice their savings. Fortunately, there are many vacation destinations and nations people can go to that are both budget and tourist friendly. This list contains 10 cheapest countries to travel to this year.


Thailand has long been a favorite of backpackers and budget travelers, and nowadays its neighboring country Laos is getting more attention. Laos is cheaper than Thailand. People can find guesthouses for below $10 per night, and local meals will just cost them $1 or $2.


For travelers, Europe is generally a costly place, but Hungary is a different story. Even in Budapest, Hungary’s capital, people can get by on less than $100 per week if they manage their budget right. The flourishing hipster scene in Budapest means that there are many cool bars to check out, several of them constructed in old ruins, and people are going to want to hit as many of the bars as possible while they are there.


Vietnam has some really stunning scenery. People can find cheap hotel rooms for $10 and if they do not mind staying in dorm rooms they can shell out even less than that on their accommodations. Transportation, drinks and food are all very cheap, allowing people to travel through the country for about the same cost as traveling in Cambodia and Laos.


While Philippines is not as cheap as Laos or Thailand, it is still far cheaper than famous destinations in the West. If you are into pristine beaches, green mountains and tropical jungles, look no further because the country is full of them.


Accommodations, food and transportation are very cheap in Morocco. According to Lonely Planet, people can travel through the country for the equivalent of $35 a day on a budget.



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