Checkout How to do Tennis Ball Therapy

Most people suffer back pain, often due to long sitting and stiffness. Now you can easily get rid of them with one simple exercise that you can do at home, and you need only two tennis balls and a duck tape.

Here’s what you need to do!

The tennis ball therapy is good not only for sciatica, but also for back pain. The tennis ball acts as a massage substitute that helps reduce muscle tension and provide relief from lower back pain.

The advantages of this therapy is that it’s cheap and simple and can be done in the comfort of your home.

Important notes

  • You must remember that most sciatic pain is a result of a spinal condition, such as herniated disk or a narrowing of the spinal canal, which causes the nerve pain, so targeting the piriformis muscle is just one of the steps to relieving the sciatic pain. You still need to target the root of the problem in the spinal cord, so a consultation with a health care provider is important, as tennis ball therapy may be just one component added to a physical therapy, medication or exercise program.
  • If the sciatica or back pain result from pinched nerve, avoid placing the tennis ball near the pinched nerve to reduce the risk of further injury.
  • It’s always a good practice to talk to your doctor about your condition before you start a tennis ball therapy program to find out if there are any restrictions related to your condition.

How to do Tennis Ball Therapy for Sciatica

You can use one or more tennis balls depending on your pain level and ability to balance. While sitting or lying on the floor, place a tennis ball under your muscles where you’re experiencing the pain. If you use one ball, it will apply more pressure on the area and can cause pain from the pressure. If you use two or more balls, the pressure is spread over more balls and works more areas at once with less pain.

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