Checkout Usain Bolt’s Reaction To Ellen DeGeneres’ Olympics Joke — See If It’s Offensive?

This week, the daytime host got some backlash after posting a visual gag on Twitter, which featured Ellen photoshopped riding on the back of the Olympic gold medalist in the middle of a race.

The photo was the typical, run-of-the-mill joke you’d expect from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which often photoshops its host into scenes of trending pics and viral memes.

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But critics were quick to point out that a visual of the fair-skinned DeGeneres riding the Jamaican track star was culturally insensitive.

But it looks like Bolt himself is among those LOLing — because he retweeted the photo himself on Monday!

Clearly, the athlete is too busy winning gold medals to worry about dissecting a photo for racist undertones.


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