Cheryl and Liam Payne Have Named Their Baby Boy Bear

They are typically smitten new parents after the birth of their son.

However, Cheryl, 33, and Liam Payne, 23, have been far from conventional with their choice of name for the five-week-old.

The pop stars have decided to call him Bear after finally settling on it just days ago.

“They spent over a week getting to know him first before deciding…” the source said.

“They didn’t have the name Bear before the birth.

“But they’d been thinking of a name since meeting him and they just felt it suited him.”

Cheryl’s partner Liam Payne and their new baby on an Instagram post

The source said the couple are “truly over the moon and loving being parents for the first time together”.

The name is not that unusual among celebrity children – both Kate Winslet and Alicia Silverstone have sons named Bear.

Former Girls Aloud star Cheryl, 33, and One Direction singer Payne, 23, have stayed out of the public eye since their son was born but just after his arrival, they both shared a picture of the baby with his father.

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