Chicago Twins Gets admission Into 56 Colleges And Earn $1.6 Million In Scholarships

Between them, a set of Chicago twins has been accepted into a combined 56 different colleges, earning nearly $1.6 million in scholarships along the way.

Deprice and Shaprice Hunt said that their goal is to make sure that their mother will not have to pay for their education, and their hard work is certainly putting them on track to meet that goal.

Shaprice has been accepted to 35 colleges, with two offering her full scholarships and five asking her to play basketball. She has also earned $1.3 million in scholarships, according to The Huffington Post.

Deprice has been accepted to 27 schools, and two have offered him a full ride as well. He has earned $300,000 in scholarships.

The siblings have also managed to keep perfect attendance while in school.

Deprice told the Huffington Post, “A lot of people say you can’t do it because of where you’re from.  Don’t listen to them.”

They also admitted that a little friendly competition inspired them to work hard.

Deprice has chosen Morehouse and Shaprice is still undecided.

On Friday, the twins got a surprise on WGN-TV with a personal invitation from Chicago rapper Common to his foundation gala.

“A lot of people say you can’t do it because of where you’re from,” Deprice said. “Don’t listen to them.”

The twins said they know financial issues, among other factors, hold a lot of teens back. But it’s important to be persistent, Shaprice told HuffPost.

“Never give up,” she said. “Picture your future. Not only to make yourself proud but make your family proud.”

They said their hope is for every child, not matter their race or background, to have an opportunity to go to college. Deprice said it’s important for him and his sister to continue to use their voices to inspire other teens, even after they go off to college this fall.

There’s no doubt that they’ll continue to thrive with this kind of wisdom and work ethic.

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