Meet Zhang A Man That Clap As Loud As Helicopter Blade


A Chinese man has aspirations of getting into the Guinness Book of World Records – by clapping his hands.

Zhang Quan, 70, of Chongqing city can clap his hands almost as loud as the sound of helicopter blades.

Recently his clapping was measured by local environmental protection officials as reaching 107 decibels. This is only slightly less loud than the 110 decibels reached by a helicopter.

“When I am clapping, even my own ears feels painful, no mentioning of others. That’s why I usually don’t clap,” says Zhang.

He has been lucky that he has not been arrested for noise pollution as the officials from the environmental agency say that his clapping violates noise code levels. They advised him not to clap too often.

Watch the video below

Credit – weirdasian

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