WATCH Groom Shed Tears Like a Baby on His Wedding Day as He Watched His Bride Walk Up To Him

GROOM-CRY-1The beautiful wedding video which has amassed over 4,387 likes on Twitter where it was shared, has got everyone talking and here’s why…

The groom broke down and cried like a baby as he watched his bride walking down the aisle. While some hailed it as the most beautiful wedding entrance they have ever seen, others saw the groom weeping helplessly as uber awkward.

As the brides glides up to him in her breathtaking white dress, the groom kept turning intermittently. You could see him trying so hard to pull himself together before he lets go and the tear flow like a dam.

Even the bridesmaids got overwhelmed by the emotional atmosphere as they also began to wipe away some tears.

At some point, the best man had to restrain the groom urging him not to ruin his moment and telling him to look at his wife.

The bride too was being strengthened with words by the lady who walked her down the aisle. The bride who appeared stronger than her groom tried not to ruin her makeup with tears.

Eventually the couple hugged each other and proceeded to be joined in holy matrimony.GROOM-CRY-2GROOM-CRY-3GROOM-CRY-4GROOM-CRY-5GROOM-CRY-6GROOM-CRY-7GROOM-CRY-8GROOM-CRY-9GROOM-CRY-10GROOM-CRY-11GROOM-CRY-12

Watch the video below…

Video Source: @adebongaa_ox/Twitter

Video Credit: De Rienzo Films

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