Most Dangerous Road On The Planet

If you want to go to this particular resort and spa, then you are going to have to tough it out on this ridiculously narrow and literally on the edge of a cliff road. The resort is at Pangi Valley in India, and it must be some sort of special place in order for people to take this road to get there.

As you will see this is as bare bones as it gets. No rails and winding for 100 miles! At one point someone has to get out and actually check the height as it doesn’t look like the roof rack is going to clear. And this vehicle hits the overhanging cliff, this thing will get knocked down, easily.

At one point the narrator informs us that there is a waterfall that actually comes down on the road up ahead. And then the vehicle goes through it!

Absolutely crazy how this is even possible to navigate through, let alone make it through unscathed. Can’t imagine if a break down occurred on this road!

Source: nplnews

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