Donald Trump to Pull Out of Paris Climate Deal

President Trump has reportedly decided to pull out of the Paris climate change agreement.

According to the news website Axios, two sources close to the Trump Administration said the president has already started consulting on the exit process with senior officials.

The move would strike a massive blow to the legacy of his successor, President Obama, who viewed tackling climate change as a top priority and considered the agreement to be among his greatest achievements.

U.S. President Donald Trump pumps his fist
U.S. President Donald Trump pumps his fist

It also risks undermining the ambitions of the agreement, which was signed by 195 other countries including Britain.

A letter from 22 Republican senators urging Mr Trump to withdraw played a major role in the decision, Axios said.

There has been speculation that pressure from Ivanka Trump – the president’s daughter  – to stick with the agreement delayed his decision.

What is the Paris agreement?

The agreement was signed in 2015 and set out a number of highly ambitious pledges to reduce climate change.

Signed by 195 countries, and organised by the United Nations, the agreement was hailed at the time as a major step forward in accepting the threat climate change posed to future generations.

The key aim of the agreement was to reduce the planet’s increase in temperature this century to 1.5 per cent.

It also arranged for richer countries to provide up to $100bn in funding for poorer countries which were struggling with climate change.

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