The Most Expensive Flight In The World

Etihad Airways’ route between the financial hubs of New York and Mumbai has become the most expensive flight in the world, with a seat in a private luxury suite costing a small fortune.

A one-way ticket for The Residence, a three-room “penthouse in the sky” that has its own butler and chef, sells for about $38 000 (about R571 000).

That means a return flight in the exclusive cabin (with stopovers in Abu Dhabi) would cost a staggering $76 000 at single or double occupancy.

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Etihad, the UAE’s national carrier, claims the world’s most expensive one-way flight on its New York-Abu Dhabi route.

It costs $32 000 to fly in The Residence on the route. The cabin has a living room, bedroom and shower room.

Daily Mail

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