Mark Zuckerberg’s Social-Media Accounts Hacked And His Password is Terrible

We’ve been told over and over again by online security experts not to use the same passwords for multiple sites. And apparently Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is just as lax as the rest of us in actually following that advice.

The Facebook Inc. FB, +0.08%  co-founder and CEO’s Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts were hacked this weekend, apparently because he had re-used his LinkedIn password — which was one of more than 100 million passwords stolen in 2012 and dumped online last month.

The hacker group OurMine Team claimed credit for the breaches, and professed no malicious intent. “Hey, we are just testing your security, please dm us for contact,” they wrote on Zuckerberg’s Pinterest page.
The pages were quickly cleansed of the hackers’ messages, and the group’s Twitter account was suspended.

If a re-used password is indeed the culprit, Zuckerberg is not alone. A 2013 study found 55% of all Internet users use the same passwords for most, of not all, sites they visit. So if one account gets breached, all are potentially exposed.

Which just goes to remind us all: Mix up those passwords.

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