Chinese President Shows Up In Panama Papers.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is one of the people whose name came up among the revelations in the Panama Papers. Among the revelations in the Panama Papers, the enormous cache of leaked documents exposed how the world’s most powerful people hide their wealth,and that many members of China’s elite have relatives with massive offshore holdings. Xi’s brother-in-law was named in the documents, along with other members of the Communist Party Politburo Standing Committee.
Xi has been flexing his muscles more than any Chinese president in a generation, stifling dissent and reorganizing the armed forces. He has also been leading an unprecedented crackdown on corruption. Xi is a much-hated figure among many officials because he destroyed a whole bunch of rich families and their networks overnight. Since the revelation in the Panama Papers it is reported that Xi has called a number of family meetings and told family members to stop accumulating things and unwind what they have acquired. In theory, he did respond to these reports and try to get things under control.

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