Floyd Mayweather’s Dad Storms Press Conference But Isn’t Prepared For Conor McGregor

For the next 43 days, we can all expect to be bombarded with news about the upcoming Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight – luckily, last night’s press conference between the pair brought some incredible moments.

From Conor taking the piss out of Floyd’s tax bill to Floyd’s intense staredown with the reigning UFC Lightweight Champion.

It was an absolute feast of televisual gold, but one moment that has been talked about the most on social media is McGregor’s confrontation with Floyd Mayweather Sr towards the end of the night. Watch the extraordinary footage below:

Credit: Youtube

Shortly after the official presser had ended, McGregor held a solo conference, taking the mick out of his next opponent on numerous occasions.

To the shock of everyone in attendance, Mayweather Sr interrupted ‘Notorious’ in his stride and well, the results are hilarious.

Mayweather Sr. shouted: “I will beat your ass, I will beat your ass.”:

McGregor was in fine form throughout the night, and It took the Irishman mere seconds to get to the mic and drop some insults on his opponent.

This was quite literally the opening throws of their verbal sparring with the UFC’s number one asset taking to the mic first of the two fighters, after being introduced by Dana White.

McGregor Mayweather

Credit: PA

McGregor and Mayweather will now head to Toronto for the next part of their tour, then New York on Thursday night before they finally arrive in London on Friday to conclude this shitstorm of entertainment.

We can’t wait for the next few weeks to unfold.

Words: Jack Kenmare

Featured Image Credit: Showtime

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