This Is What Former Miss Universe Had To Say To Cristiano Ronaldo For Having Twins Via Surrogate

Alicia Machado, former Miss Universe who joined Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign trail, seized the moment to state her opinion on Ronaldo’s decision. “I do not agree; I don’t believe in it. That goes against my religious beliefs,” she said. “I agree with that kind of experimenting only when there is a need [like] a mom who maybe has a sister that lends her body.”

She added, “It is beyond my ideals. What I disagree with is that it has become a trend among many celebrities. Those who have the money go and order children, and I don’t agree with that.”

However, when the gay community resorts to that alternative, Machado is in accordance. “It’s different when you have a [medical] problem or even for gay people. Celebrities simply do it for style or tax evasion,” claims the actress. “I’ve been discriminated against for being a single mother, and then you see these dudes who earn million-dollar salaries for running behind a ball, and suddenly it becomes a trend to order blonde hair [and] blue eyed kids. It’s freaky!”

The former Miss Universe confessed exclusively to People en Español that her younger brother is a product of artificial insemination“What I realized now, [is that] we have to be politically correct all the time,” she said. “Not everything is perfect, and not everything is normal.”

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