Google Pixel XL Or iPhone7 Plus: Which Camera Is Better? (Watch Video And Decide)

Brian Rakowski, Google’s vice president of product management, called the camera “best in class,” and backed up that claim by revealing that DxOMark- which rates the quality of smartphone and DSLR cameras. He had given the Pixel’s camera an 89, the highest score ever awarded to a phone. When Google announced the Pixel a few weeks ago, the company sounded extremely confident in the phone’s camera.  “This isn’t only the best camera we’ve ever made, it’s the best smartphone camera anyone has ever made,” Rakowski said.

To put Google’s claims to the test, a camera test comparison was carried out to see how the camera stacks up against the current leaders in the field: the Google Pixel XL and the new iPhone 7. The result? Google was right to boast about the quality of that rear-facing camera. In many ways it is every bit as good or better than the ones on the iPhone 7 or the Galaxy S7. But the gap between the three cameras is now even closer, and the differences are often subtle.

Watch the video clip below and see for yourself….

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