Here are the Gorgeous Politicians You Can’t Get your Eyes off

You’d probably say politics is all about brains. But hell no. There are gorgeous ladies that have totally defied this idea. With their amazing beauty and confidence, the face of politics is taking an interesting turn in the modern world today.It’s definitely better to have attractive and younger women in power, isn’t it?

Not only would politics then be thoughtful, but way hotter than it is right now.Take a quick look at the list of 10 super-hot female politicians that aren’t any less than the models walking on the ramps – and also let us know who’s your favorite in the comments section below.

Nicole Minetti


From the year 2010-2012, Nicole Minetti was the Regional council member for the PDL of Italy. Minetti was a former TV personality entered politics with big dreams but all her hopes and wishes were shattered by the infamous Rubygate scandal. It is said that she had apparently fixed a meeting for former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi with a 17-year-old prostitute.Even though she denies all the claims, she’s been serving her time in prison now.


Eva Kaili


Greece, of late, is facing one of its toughest times, however, the admirers of Eva Kaili have nothing to do about it. Kaili is a shimmering face in the Greek parliament. She’s not a supermodel but who says she can’t be? She was elected in the 1st district of Thessaloniki in 2009. Kaili has been serving her country in different affairs since 2007


Anna-Maria Galojan


Anna-Maria Galojan is one of the most popular politicians and public figures from Estonia. She’s achieved so much and lived a full public life at the age of 33.  Although she was charged for embezzlement in Estonia and exiled in London, she has made an appearance on the Estonian Playboy Magazine in 2009.


Sethrida Geagea


Sethrida Geagea is a Lebanese politician and a member of parliament representing the district of Bsharri. This 47-year-old lady hails from a distinguished Maronite Lebanese Tawk family. Geagea’s charm doesn’t just lie in her magnificent beauty – yes she has a BS degree in Political Science. Now, how cool is that.


Yuri Fujikawa


Yuri Fujikawa, the once Hachinohe city councilwoman, is voted as the world’s most appealing politician by a number of magazines. This piece of beauty is said to have been tangled up in sex scandal with a married politician. After she brought out a couple of revealing photos and videos, Japanese people started to claim that she was too sexy for politics.

Source: celebsmash

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