Groom Begins Reciting Vows. But Watch Moment He Raises Hand To Bride’s Face, Guests In Uproar [Video]

Since the beginning of time, every girl imagines her wedding day. Even if they haven’t, when that day comes you can’t deny that a ton of detailed planning is put into that one day. Everything from flowers, the cake and what song to play for your first dance with the man of your dreams.

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The ceremony is an emotional moment between the husband and wife-to-be. Many couples choose to write their own vows, reciting them in front of their entire family and friends. Everyone gets really caught up in the moment, with guests giving the couple their undivided attention. It really is a beautiful moment. But sometimes, there are interruptions.

One couple was in the middle of saying their vows when an uninvited guest decided to come in and ruin their beautiful moment. It also became the center of attention instead of the happy couple. Thankfully, they entire moment was captured on camera for the world to enjoy this hilarious wedding moment.

The ceremony looked beautiful, with the sun shining and a slight breeze surrounding guests. The couple was getting married in front of a stunning pond that was framed by fragrant flowers, with family and friends surrounding them. Then it happened, and people couldn’t help but laugh.

A bee decides to come towards the bride’s face while the groom is reciting his vows, saying how he can’t wait for their lifelong journey together. The groom looks up, and notices the bee, swatting it out of his bride’s face.

But from the guest’s point of view, it looks as if the groom unintentionally hit his bride’s face. As he unexpectedly made contact with the bride’s cheek, both immediately start to laugh.

Once the guests realize that there was a bee, they break out in laughter, now fully understanding the strange gesture. The bride, who is still smiling, tells her groom, “I’d rather have that then get stung!” Even though the bee is tiny, the groom still saved his bride!

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