Check Out This Expensive Phone Sold For $14,000

Have you ever seen the price tag on a phone and thought “Why is this phone this expensive, can it call heaven?”


For many people who think having the latest smartphone is a sign of affluence or showing “i have finally arrived”, this phone is bound to make you think twice. Known as Solarin, this latest luxury smartphone which is being hyped for it’s “military-grade” security, is currently among the most expensive phones (if not the most expensive) in the world.

The phone which is set to be sold at $14,000, £9,500, is currently more expensive than the apple iphone6 series and the Samsung galaxy s7, which are among the most expensive luxury phones available. The Solarin was launched by Chinese social networking service Renren and a group known as Sirin labs.

See a picture of the phone below:


The phone is definitely not for the ‘common man’ as you’d have to save for several years possibly, just to be able to spend such an amount on one. Have you also thought about what can happen to your heart should robbers take it away from you? That’ll be straight heart attack ooo. This begs the question: who in their right mind would want to spend such an amount on a phone? It can only be someone who has several investments in real estate and stocks and shares maybe.

See more pictures of the phone below:




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