This Hi-tech Pillow Plays Music From Smartphones, Tracks How Well You Sleep and Vibrates to Stop Snoring

If you need music to fall asleep but are fed up getting tangled in your earphones, help is at hand

Listening to music in a shared sleeping space has until now involved dicing with danger while wearing headphones in bed – but not any more.

A new pillow which has a built-in soundsystem has been invented to play music for you to hear as you doze.

But don’t worry about bothering anyone else – the super comfy gadget will play music from inside loud enough for you to hear, but low enough not to bother anyone else.

The tech innovation is also a record of your sleep, quality and quantity , and monitors your shuteye schedule for you to work out what works best for you come bedtime.

Called Zeeq, the pillow can play music to help you fall asleep, monitor and react to your snoring, analyse your sleep – and then wake you up.

Kick StarterZEEQ Smart Pillow
The pillow connects to a smartphone app which will help you track your sleep

The system, called REM-Fit Audio, lets you stream music wirelessly, so you don’t have to sleep with headphones in and you won’t disturb your partner.

The music comes through the pillow – selected from an IOS, Android Music or Spotify source, or even Zeeq’s relaxing playlist – and you can set a sleep timer in the app so the music will stop automatically.

Kick StarterZEEQ Smart Pillow
ZEEQ Smart Pillow says it can help you sleep better with some smart features

In more good news for your sleeping partners, if the pillow hears snoring, it will gently vibrate the pillow to encourage you to move into a new sleeping position.

Linking to a smartphone app, the morning after what is almost guaranteed to be a restful slumber, you can read your sleep data, including ‘Snore Score’.

Kick StarterZEEQ Smart Pillow
The pillow will give a gentle vibration to turn you over if you start snoring

The app can also help track diet, exercise and other habits which can have an impact on sleep.

Currently asking for funding via a Kickstarter , the Zeeq pillow has raised more than four times its £37,470 goal, with £178,960 from more than 1,340 backers.

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