Hilarious!!! Angry Pedestrian Hurls Abuse At Motorist While Crossing Street – Accidentally Walked Into A post (photos)

A hapless pedestrian has become a global sensation after a dashcam clip of him yelling abuse at a motorist ended in laughter – when he accidentally walked into a post.

Worse still, the embarrassment was captured on the motorist’s dashcam.

The man has gone viral online – with 5 millions views on YouTube as the world laughed at his bad luck.

The video begins with a car driving down a street in Adelaide, South Australia, towards an intersection.

The dashcam shows that as the car stops at a set of a traffic light a man walks across the street from right to left in front of the vehicle with his dog.

But the pedestrian is not happy.

He begins making rude gestures to the driver and screaming at him, all the while still walking across the street and not looking where he is going.

He then walks straight into a lamppost on the other side of the street.

The run-in triggered laughter in the car.

But the pedestrian was still not embarrassed enough to go on his way.

He ran back towards the car for another spray at the motorist before finally continuing on his way.

Another said: “Lucky there were no POLE-ice there…

See photos:

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