Horrible!!! Snake Regurgitates Another Live Snake (Video)

This is so unbelievable, a huge black snake regurgitates another live snake in front of a shocked couple.

Christopher Reynolds and his wife Nina are left horrified upon seeing that the snake’s dinner was still wriggling as it was squeezed from the reptile’s jaws.

The pair are heard gasping in amazement as the drama unfurls before them, with Mr Reynolds heard saying ‘I can’t believe that little dude’s still alive.’

Snakes can regurgitate their food for a number of reasons.

The technique is often deployed when a snake has overeaten or feels threatened midway through a meal.

Snake regurgitation is not the same as vomiting, as digestion has not yet begun, which is why the other snake in the video is left unharmed.

Snakes are famed for their ability to digest enormous prey.

The reptiles can go for months at a time without eating between meals.

‘My wife and I were leaving my mother’s when I caught a glimpse of this snake while I drove past it,’ Mr Reynolds wrote in the video’s description on YouTube.

‘I stopped and backed up to take some photographs. Nina mentioned I should take some video. I am happy I did.’

As the stomach-churning video opens on a roadside in Newton, Texas, the snake is seen with only a worm-like tip projecting from its mouth.

As Mr Reynolds continues to film, the snake begins to eject its meal in a bid to escape the couple.

It quickly becomes clear that the snake’s prey is much larger than first appeared.

The couple can be heard on the video expressing their astonishment. ‘This is crazy,’ Mr Reynolds says at one point.

As it escapes the clutches of its attacker, the other snake appears relatively unharmed.

Watch video:

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