Incredible Woman Offers ‘Free Flats’ To London Grenfell Tower Residents

A woman has been praised after offering 21 free studio flats to Grenfell Tower residents.

Laura-Jayne Cannel owns student housing and has said that people can use the studio flats while they figure out where they’re going to live.

She says that the flats have ‘bathrooms and kitchens’ and are ‘available to those who need them’.

Initially, people were skeptical of her offer and asked how she had 21 flats free. She quashed these fears by explaining that they are student housing and the academic year is over, hence them being empty.

She explained that she has contacted the local council and her offer of help remains valid.

While another kind-hearted volunteer asked if she had space to store the many donations that they’ve received.

Twitter uses have praised her selfless actions, with many replies to her tweet.

One user said: “Nice to know there are people out there who still practice humanity. Nice one.”

While another said: “That is so kind of you, Londoners coming together in the face of such a tragedy you are all in my prayers.”

The grateful comments kept rolling in: “Much respect to you very kind to make use of these flats whilst uni students are away for summer term.”

Another encouraged other businesses to do the same: “Very compassionate gesture, fellow developers could help as well. Fab example.”

Well done, Laura.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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