Jackie Chan Returns To Cinemas In ‘The Foreigner’ And It Looks Amazing

We all know and love the work of Chan, from his death-defying stunts in Rumble in the Bronx to his classic mismatched double act with Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour series, and now he’s back in The Foreigner – a gritty adaptation of Stephen ‘hell for’ Leather’s questionably titled 1992 novel The Chinaman, featuring alongside Irish actor and former Bond Pierce Brosnan.

Watch the trailer below:

Credit: Youtube.com/ONE Media

Looks awesome, no?

The Foreigner, which hits UK cinemas on 13 October, sees Chan’s London businessman character Quan seek revenge when his daughter is senselessly killed in a politically motivated terrorist attack. Setting out to discover what happened, Quan is soon sucked into a complicated sitch involving various amoral, immoral and Balmoral parties.

After his daughter is taken from him (permanently, unlike the film Taken), Quan’s quest to bring her killers to justice naturally sees him wrapped up in vastly complicated espionage-laden going-ons involving Brosnan’s British government agent, who may or may not have a murky past of his own – with a heavy emphasis on may, otherwise it would be quite a boring film.

The Foreigner

Credit: STX Entertainment

Cue lots of martial arts, gunfights and a woodland hideaway being used to trap baddies for some reason, and it looks like we’ve got a hell of a film on our grubby little hands.

The movie film is directed by Martin Campbell, who you’ll know as the man behind the lens on Green Lantern and The Edge of Darkness. He’s also helmed two Bond movies: 2006’s Casino Royale and 1995’s Brosnan-starring Goldeneye.

Speaking of PB, fans of the classic Adam & Joe podcasts will remember this, a celebration of the Irish actor’s early work in the film Taffin, which resulted in this amazing dance remix. Check it out:

Good shit, right? But remember, folks: revenge is not actually a dish best served cinematically. Or cold, for that matter. It’s best served through the judiciary system, via a fair and open process involving a jury and at least one judge and several lawyers. That’s how it’s best served and the most exciting way of meting out punishment to your nemeses. Okay, fuck it, bring on the revenge film!

Featured Image Credit: STX Entertainment

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