Jay Z’s 4:44 Album Didn’t Hit Platinum, Actual Sales Revealed

American rapper, Jay Z has been reported to have sold much less than 500,000 copies of his latest album, 4:44.

Recall that the album had sparked several controversies after the rapper revealed on the latest studio work that he cheated on his wife, Beyonce.

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The rapper also on the album revealed that his mother has changed her sexual orientation and is now a lesbian.

The Album which was reported to have sold out to hit the Platinum ranking five days after it was released despite being exclusive to Tidal platform has in a new report been said to have sold much less than the revealed number.

According to BuzzAngle, Jay Z, despite collecting the RIAA’s platinum plaque did not make the platinum ranking.

The album was reported to have sold much less than 500,000 copies or downloads.

Roger Friedman wrote: “The fact that 4:44 has sold so much less than 500,000 is startling. 4:44 has sold a total of 264,100 albums. That includes CDs and downloads but not streaming. If you count in streaming, including singles, the number still comes only to 364,000.

“This is a far cry from the 500,000 level that the RIAA requires for a gold record, and 1 million copies shipped for platinum. Still, the RIAA awarded Jay Z a platinum album based on private sales through Tidal streaming and direct deliveries to Sprint customers. 4:44 did not reach platinum status. Jay-Z’s people claimed the album was downloaded or streamed over a million times in one week. But even that is a lie.”

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