Jeremy Corbyn Was Just 2,227 Votes Short Of Becoming Prime Minister

Jeremy Corbyn was just 2,227 votes away from becoming the new prime minister in the general election, it has been revealed.

If the Labour leader had won just seven marginal Conservative seats in the election on Thursday – and formed a so-called ‘progressive alliance’ with other smaller parties, he would have been able to win a majority.

The DUP would not be in the picture today and Theresa May would probably be making a very different speech outside No.10 yesterday.

Jeremy Corbyn: ‘We are ready to serve this country’

Ahead of Mrs May’s shock announcement to stay on, the Labour Party had said it was ready to form a coalition government, with Mr Corbyn announcing: ‘We are ready to serve’.

And they were so painstakingly close, that a coalition of Labour, Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party (SNP), Plaid Cymru, the Green Party and one independent MP in the House of Commons would have been enough for Mr Corbyn to become the new leader.


Jeremy Corbyn was just 2,227 votes short of becoming Prime Minister
(Picture: PA Graphics)

The analysis comes as the Tories were still trying to accept the fact that they had failed to win a majority, despite a confident Mrs May calling the election back in April.

If they’d won just 287 more votes to secure five key Labour seats, they would have had a majority.

Key seats which they needed but ended up going to Labour were Dudley North, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Crew and Nantwich and Canterbury.

Having these would have given Mrs May more credibility in Brexit negotiations because of her majority in the Commons.

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