Kidnapped or Held Captive: How to Escape Being Bound with Duct Tape

Unfortunately, being kidnapped and held captive is a real possibility, one female reporter from DateLine however, with the assistance of self-defense experts from the CIA, discovered that there is a way to escape if your wrists are bound together with duct tape.

Simply raise both wrists above your head. Next, bring both wrists straight down quickly and forcefully. The speed and angle of movement should loosen the adhesive of the tape enough so that it can be easily slid off your wrists.

While this may not help in every scenario, it is one way to escape if the kidnapper uses duct tape to bind you. Fortunately, many kidnap victims do survive. If you are kidnapped, try to remain calm and rational. You will need to keep a clear head if you wish to survive. Do your best to stay calm, stay smart, and stay alive.

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