List Of celebrities Who Got Caught Cheating, #7 Will Shock You

Today we have gathered one of the most controversial list of Hollywood stars who did not disdain to modify.

Constant business trips, busy schedule, and attention of the press do not affect the marriages of celebrities the best way, but sometimes the stars themselves are not averse to aggravate the situation – for example, to cheat his wife with his lovely partner of the new blockbuster, as Brad Pitt did, or get a child with own maid, like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Probably, in Hollywood, there is a dangerous substance in the air that makes the stars cheat regularly. Different celebrities caught cheating by paparazzi always appear on the pages of different magazines.

List of celebrities who got caught cheating

1. Jude Law

Jude Law

Celebrities caught cheating, who are they?

As the Hollywood sex symbol and heartthrob, Jude Law could not but be caught cheating.

And mischief star quickly became known to the public: in 2005, the actress Sienna Miller broke up with Jude Law due to the fact that he cheated on her with the nanny of his children of his first marriage. However, Sienna Miller still forgave rascal, and in 2009 the couple again briefly reunited. We must say that Sienna is not an angel too. In 2007, the actress ‘stole’ the married actor Balthazar Getty from his family, and after a failed affair traitor Getty yet returned to the family.

2. Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole

Celebrities caught cheating, who are they?

Today, happy and beautiful Cheryl Cole admits that divorce with English footballer Ashley Cole has become her advantage. However, in 2010 the singer passed through not the best period of her life.

Cheryl forgave her husband cheating with an unknown woman, who told the tabloids that she had had sex with Ashley Cole. But her husband’s recognition of the fact that he had cheated on her with five other girls, Cheryl Cole could not forgive.

After the divorce, the star said she would continue to perform under the name ‘Cole’ because the return to maiden name would look as if she was ashamed of her marriage.

3. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Celebrities caught cheating, who are they?

Who would have thought that the ‘golden boy’ Justin Timberlake may be involved in cheating? But the fact is: Lindsay Lohan captured on a mobile phone a star, kissing with some girl in the club.

The bad news led to discord in the relationship with Timberlake’s girlfriend Jessica Biel and later an anonymous source reported that Justin cheated Jessica with actress Olivia Munn. Hey, Justin, stop!

4. Tony Parker

Tony Parker

Celebrities caught cheating, who are they?

Charming actress Eva Longoria and her brawny husband, baseball player Tony Parker were considered a perfect couple in Hollywood. But all good things always come to an end: everyone was waiting for Eve’s happy news for their firstborn, but she suddenly started gathering the files for divorce.

The fact was that the star had found dozens of phone messages from another woman to her husband, and then she decided to divorce with Tony Parker. However, baseball could be accused of treason in 2007, when a French model told that Parker cheated on Eva with her! Oh, Eva, where were your eyes and ears?

5. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Celebrities caught cheating, who are they?

None can resist before charm, luxury, and beauty of Angelina Jolie. And Brad Pitt, too, could not resist!

Brad Pitt twisted the affair with his partner in the film ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ Angelina Jolie while he still was married to his wife, Jennifer Aniston. However, Brad and Angelina repeated a lot of times that they did not have sex before his divorce, but that the spark between the two sex symbols already was felt in the film ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’, no one would argue! However, they could not build a happy couple. Recently they marriage broke up and Angelina asked for a divorce.

 6. David Duchovny

David Duchovny

Celebrities caught cheating, who are they?

But Hollywood actor David Duchovny, unlike a lot of his ‘colleagues on the betrayals’, committed his heinous act due to illness. It turns out that Duchovny had suffered from sexual addiction, and even was treated in a special rehabilitation center.

However, David Duchovny went to the center because of his wife. His wife – actress Tea Leoni – set an ultimatum: either the treatment or divorce.

7. Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Celebrities caught cheating, who are they?

This story is known to everyone: in 1998, US President Bill Clinton admitted having ‘sexual relations’ with White House intern Monica Lewinsky and cheated his wife, Hillary Clinton.

After this scandal, the president was even threatened with impeachment. But Hillary forgave her husband affair, despite the fact that it turned out that Monica was neither the first nor the last woman with whom Bill Clinton cheated on her.

8. Jesse James

Sandra Bullock

Celebrities caught cheating, who are they?

In 2010 famous Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock was sympathized by the whole Hollywood. It turned out that her husband Jesse James cheated on her throughout the whole year.

Sandra Bullock could not forgive cheating, and therefore immediately filed for divorce. Her solution was not changed even by the fact that a repentant husband went to the rehab clinic to be treated for sex addiction.

It should be noted that after a while Jesse James did not hesitate even to name the numerous reasons of his cheating: it turns out that he had a difficult childhood and domineering father.

9. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Celebrities caught cheating, who are they?

The famous golfer Tiger Woods could hit a real record for cheating on any list: he cheated on his wife, the former model Elin Nordegren with 18 women.

When poor Elin found out about it, she hit her husband with his own stick and filed for divorce. She managed to get huge suing – 750 million. Immediately after the scandalous news of numerous affairs, Woods got a lot of problems in his life: he lost a few championships and lost advertising contracts.

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Celebrities caught cheating, who are they?

The ex-governor of sunny California Arnold Schwarzenegger joined the list of politicians who had smeared their good names because of cheating their beloved wives.

The famous actor was married to telejournalist Maria Shriver, niece of President John F. Kennedy. They were together for 25 years. And recently the world has found out that Shriver files for divorce. The reason turned out to be banal and even comical: it turns out that ‘Terminator’ star cheated on his wife with a housekeeper who worked in their home during 20 years. Arnold Schwarzenegger even had a son with this woman.

Jude Law

Celebrities caught cheating, who are they?

After Arnold Schwarzenegger told about the affair with the housekeeper and his illegitimate child, the legitimate children hated their father. 17-year-old Patrick changed his surname Schwarzenegger to Shriver in all social networks.

Arnie has publicly apologized to the women with whom he ‘misbehaved’, but still got in our list of scandalous Hollywood stars, ‘dared’ to commit adultery.

Even stars make huge mistakes and destroy families. So think twice before cheating – is it worth it?

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