London Grenfell Tower Fire: What To Do If You Are Affected

An emergency centre has been set up for people who have been affected by a huge fire in west London.

A blaze started at Grenfell Tower shortly after 1am when it is believed several hundred people were inside.

The intense fire tore through the 27-storey leaving many people with little chance to get out.

The Metropolitan Police said that an emergency number has been set up for anyone concerned for loved ones in the fire. That number is 0800 0961 233.

Council leader Nick Paget-Brown said that it was a ‘very, very severe fire’.

Huge blaze in 27-storey tower block in West London

This morning, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea had this advice: ‘The Council’s major emergency plan was activated earlier this morning in response to the fire at Grenfell Tower. Local Authority Liaison Officers are working directly with emergency services at the scene.

‘An emergency rest centre is open for evacuees at the Harrow Centre, Freston Road.

‘The cause of the fire will be fully investigated. At present all our focus is on supporting the rescue and relief operation.’

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