Malia Obama Graduates From Washington, DC’s Private ‘Sidwell Friends School’ Today!

Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of President Barack Obama, is graduating from high school on Friday, with her family in attendance.

Malia, who is 17 years old, participated in the commencement ceremony at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. The children of several presidents, including the children of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, also attended Sidwell.

Mr. Obama, as well as First Lady Michelle Obama, both attended the ceremonies at the school’s campus in northwest Washington.

Tuition at the selective Quaker school is currently $39,360 a year, though the school emphasizes that many students receive financial aid.

“I do a lot of commencements around this time of year which I love doing, although my older daughter is graduating this week and I will not be able to handle that well,” Mr. Obama joked at a Democratic National Committee event this week.

Mr. Obama wasn’t scheduled to speak at the event.

“Malia’s school asked if I wanted to speak at commencement and I said no,” Mr. Obama said in January. “I’m going to be wearing dark glasses … and I’m going to cry.”

Malia will take a year off before enrolling at Harvard in the fall of 2017.

The Obama family has said they will remain in Washington for two years after he leaves office so that their youngest daughter, Sasha Obama, can finish high school, also at Sidwell.

The White House hasn’t confirmed where the first family will be living, but multiple media outlets have reported that the Obamas have rented a home in Washington’s Kalorama neighborhood.

Source: WSJ

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