Man ‘Battered Woman, Raped Her Twice After She Refused To Have Sex With Him

A court was told that the woman was dragged out of a car and raped after leaving the club, and later woke from being strangled as she was being raped “very violently” in a bed

Syvil Morris has denied two charges of rape and assault occasioning actual bodily harm 

A man assaulted, strangled and raped a woman twice after she refused to have sex with him at a swingers’ club, a court heard.

Syvil Morris, 38, has denied two charges of rape and assault occasioning actual bodily harm over an alleged incident in January this year.

Morris had sex with a woman at the club and then invited another woman to have sex with him, but she declined, a prosecutor said.

The court was told that the woman who declined blacked out after being assaulted and she was raped as she was driven away from the club and again “very violently” at a home, the Bristol Post reports.

The case continues at Bristol Crown Courtd in sex with one woman at the club
Kerry Barker, prosecuting, told Bristol Crown Court that Morris indulge

Mr Barker said when Morris, of Whitehall Road, Bristol, invited another woman to have intimacy she declined.

He told the court: “He assaulted her and she blacked out. They had both been taking cocaine. He then drove her … and he started hitting her. She was so frightened that she wet herself.”

The court heard that Morris stopped the car, dragged the woman out and raped her, and then took her to a house where he took her upstairs and strangled her so she lost consciousness.

Mr Barker told the court: “She regained consciousness to find herself in bed, face down, being raped and very violently.”

The court heard the next morning the battered complainant received hospital treatment, where it was found she had suffered intimate injuries.

Morris was interviewed by police and admitted having consensual sex with the complainant, the court was told.

He told them: “It was rough sex. She liked rough sex.”

The trial continues.

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