Man Discovers Bear Living Under His House (Watch Video)

Eric Barnes said on Tuesday morning, he was in his front yard filling a fountain when suddenly he heard a grunting noise and turned to look under his porch.

A man in California, USA, got the shock of his life after he discovered a bear used the space under his house as its new home.

I just heard something and I turned around and looked and there was a bear!” he told KBAK/KBFX.

Barnes summoned the Kern County Sheriff’s Office and officials from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, but they were unable to get the bear from under the home.

He seems too comfortable. I used to be comfortable here too, but I’m not now,” Barnes said.

Barnes said the bear, nicknamed Ditka by locals, is well known in the area and previously spent a few days under his home on a separate occasion.

When you’re in the house you can hear him through the floor. He bumps his head on the floor and then you know exactly where he’s at. He’s right under your feet,” Barnes said.

He said he planned to stay elsewhere for the night and that Fish and Wildlife officials have a plan to remove the bear if it doesn’t leave on its own Tuesday.

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