Man Wins $1 Million After Lottery Ticket Mix-Up

The New Jersey Lottery said the man won the prize by matching all five of the white balls drawn on the ticket he purchased from from a store. A lottery ticket mix-up has made a man from New Jersey, USA win a $1 million jackpot.

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The lucky winner only had the winning ticket because of a cashier’s error, the store’s owner said.

Robin Chauhan, 28, co-owner of the store, said her mother sold the winning ticket to the player, a 70-year-old man who is a regular customer. She said the man usually picks his own numbers for the lottery, but her mother accidentally sold him a quick pick ticket, which turned out to be the winner.

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Money’s not everything but he said he’s very happy about it,” Chauhan told the Asbury Park Press. “He was excited but he had a balance of himself.

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