Meet Simon-Peter Frimpong: The 13-year old Ghanaian Scientist Who Presented His Project To Obama At The White House!


He is Simon-Peter Frimpong, from Aurora, Colorado and born to  Ghanaian parents, Mr. Tony Frimpong, and Mrs. Yaa Frimpong . He was at the White House yesterday to present his Robotic Project to President Obama. The 8th-grader  was one of 100 top science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students from across the USA who were  invited to the 2016 White House Science Fair.

He was there as part of a team of three which included two of his schoolmates from Horizon Middle School, Maya Max-Villard, 13, and Grayson Fast, 14.

The fair was a hands-on showcase of student innovation – robots, prototypes, tools to help us fight cancer and climate change – all researched, designed and built by the next generation of America’s scientists.

According to him, his team was inspired by a veteran at nearby Buckley Air Force Base who needed a more comfortable and functional prosthetic limb. The three young scientists designed and built a new artificial leg using computer design, and 3-D printing of prototypes, as well as interviews with the veteran and others for feedback. The team built a prosthetic leg that will allow the amputee to hike, manage uneven terrain, and even skateboard!

According to their STEM teacher, Ms. Mel Possehl, the part designed by Simon-Peter is what makes the prosthesis unique.  With what  Simon Frimpong  made, the bottom comes off, which according to his teacher, is exeptional.

“So you have a walking part, then you have a part that hooks onto a long-board or a snowboard, then you have a part that hooks onto skis, and then a part that can do multiple things. It’s a multiple-use prototype.”

Recently, child star Abraham Atta was in the USA, where he won the Spirits Award and also presented an awards at the OSCARS.

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