Meet The 23-Year-Old Kenyan Speaking 8 Foreign Languages Including Japanese

– Antonio Felix is only 23 years old and can speak a total of 11 languages, eight among them are foreign – He has never lived out of Kenya and was brought up in Umoja estate, Nairobi – Antonio has an incredible interest in languages making him a hyper polyglot and he is not stopping anytime soon How many languages can you speak? If you are Kenyan, you probably understand English, Swahili and your mother tongue. READ ALSO: People with Baldness are now in danger, here is why A few Kenyans are also conversant with one or two foreign languages but it is rare to come across the talent that hyper polyglot Antonio Felix has. When you meet Antonio and experience him switch his speech from one language to another you won’t help but wonder; ‘how does he do it!’

Meet the incredible 23-year-old Kenyan speaking 8 foreign languages including Japanese (video)

Antonio Felix works at the Venezuelan embassy in Nairobi

The 23-year-old who works as a personal assistant to the Venezuelan ambassador to Kenya speaks 8 foreign languages besides English, Swahili and Luo. The former student at the Utalii College in Nairobi is very articulate when speaking French, Italiano, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Antonio can also converse in Russian, Chinese-Mandarin, Japanese and a little Arabic. Watch Antonio’s full story here and you will definitely appreciate that gifts are real.

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