Meet The 80-Year-Old Woman That Carries Own Intestines In Plastic Bags For 20 Years

 An 80-year-old woman is living with her intestines outside of her body for two decades. She has had to live carrying her insides in plastic bags after an operation went wrong

Hubei Wuxue, aged 80, underwent tubal ligation surgery, a form of birth control, in 1971.

Woman carries own intestines in plastic bag for 20 years

Woman shows her own intestines in a plastic bag

 Since then her life changed forever, the operation was extremely unsuccessful and led to abdominal adhesion.

Abdominal adhesions are bands of fibrous tissue that can form between abdominal tissues and organs that are normally separate.

Woman carries own intestines in plastic bag for 20 years

She lives this way for 20 years

Later her wound from her previous surgery split open, causing her guts to fall out of her body.

Hubei couldn’t afford aftercare and had no money for further treatment to have her intestines sewn back in.

A desperate woman has nothing to do but to gather her intestines in a plastic bag and carry them in a bum bag around her waist.

Her relatives said that Hubei got used to live like this as neither the woman no her family can afford surgery.

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