Meet Francesco Lentini, The Man With Three Legs!

His name was Francesco Lentini and he was born back in 1889 in Italy. He had 11 other siblings and 4 kids, and none of them had any of such physical abnormalities. Technically we can say that family had 12,5 kids. The third leg did not really belong to Francesco, but rather to his twin brother. Somehow they got built into one in their mother’s womb. Francesco “consumed” his brother and all that was left of him was the leg and a set of male organs.

man with 3 legs

All this was attached to Francesco from the back. So, besides having a third leg, he also had an additional set of genitals! What is even more amazing his 3rd leg had another small one attached to it! So, that counts 4! A four legged man! Besides such an extraordinary set of extremities Lentini had to deal with another problem. All of his legs did not match in length! But both of his male organs works just right – the one from the front and the one from his back!

lentini man

At the age of 9 Francesco moved to USA and became a sensation there. He joined circus and had his show. He used this 3rd leg to kick a ball! The man with 3 legs married had 4 kids and lived a long and fulfilling life.

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